Conatum Vegan BBQ Spice Rub

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Ever had someone tell you you’re missing out on BBQ food because you’ve gone vegan? The next time it happens, make someone super jealous when they catch a whiff of Conatum BBQ rub.

We’ve made a special vegan version of our popular BBQ rub to help you get those special flavours without worrying about what’s in the mix (you’ll see all the ingredients on this page).

It’s a great rub if you’re looking to add some BBQ flavours in the mix when stir frying veg or roasting dishes. It is also a must-have for anyone making BBQ pulled jackfruit or banana blossom. Add a few teaspoons, let it marinade, and you’re looking at amazing vegan BBQ food.

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Vegan BBQ Spice Rub 60g

Combines Muscavado sugar and coffee to give your meat a caramelised finish that will bring your meal to life. Give this spice a try by rubbing it onto your favourite dish for a flavourful protein punch.

Ingredients: Muscovado sugar, sea salt, coffee, black pepper, garlic powder, cinnamon, cumin, Cayenne pepper.

Allergens: -*

*All our rubs are created by hand and while every effort is made to avoid cross contamination it cannot be guaranteed.

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Set of 3, BBQ Steak Rub 60g, Pastrami Rub 55g, Chicken Rub 50g


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