Conatum Vegan Spice Rub

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Add a kick to any meal with Conatum vegan spice rub.

Whether you’re trying to adopt a more vegan-friendly approach to cooking with meat free Mondays, or you’ve been a vegan for years and love experimenting with food, Conatum has created a vegan-friendly range of rubs you can use in cooking.

Our rubs let you add flavour in an instant. Simply pop a teaspoon in while you’re cooking and get ready for a flavour explosion. 

If you’re marinating tofu, or getting ready to roast veg, you can use the rub as a marinade to let those flavours sink in. Once you’ve had a vegan rub for the first time, you’ll be thinking of a million and one ways to include it in every meal.

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Vegan Spice Rub 55g

Ingredients: Pepper corns, mustard seeds, dill seeds, coriander seeds, salt, garlic, red pepper flakes.

Allergens: Mustard seeds*

*All our rubs are created by hand and while every effort is made to avoid cross contamination it cannot be guaranteed.

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Set of 3, BBQ Steak Rub 60g, Pastrami Rub 55g, Chicken Rub 50g


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