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Our Coffee

Ethically Sourced

Our beans are ethically sourced from around the world blending together several delicate flavours to produce tasty coffee that packs a punch.

Worldly Flavour

A complex blend of Brazilian, Columbian, Ethiopian and Honduras Arabica beans with just a touch of robusta to achieve that perfect crema.

Roasted to Perfection

Carefully roasted in small batches, by experts in the UK. This painstaking process produces the amazing flavour and guarantees a powerful caffeine kick.

The Perfect Strength

Train Hard, Work Hard

The ethos of Conatum coffee is the perfect application of hard work and determination to get better. Endeavor to improve, to work and train smarter and longer.

Conatum Spice

Turn your food into a powerhouse of a meal with Conatum Spice. These rubs are mixed by hand in Scotland to create flavours like no other. Take your meat and veg up a notch with full flavours and mouth-watering aromas.

What People Say About Conatum Coffee

I can't recommend Conatum coffee enough! As soon as I tried these coffee beans I was hooked. Always have some before I train, switches me on so I am guaranteed a good session. I foolishly ignored the instructions and went for a double shot! This is some strong coffee! I would say it has a dark nutty flavour, would recommend if you are in to your coffee.

CameronPersonal Trainer/ Martial Arts Coach

If you're into your coffee then I'd say to hell with the instructions; take a double shot! The taste is worth it—dark, chocolatey and rich. I'm always up early and Conatum is the first step to waking up quickly and getting focused for a productive day ahead.

ScottUX Designer

Conatum coffee is an exciting roast, its well balanced flavour allows you to fully enjoy the blend of beans from all over the world while still giving you that much needed caffeine kick. I've used it before my workouts and also used it in my latest espresso martini recipe to give that energy boost which is synonymous with the cocktail.

MatthewThe Irish Cocktail Guy

As a self confessed coffee snob, I should admit I was apprehensive about trying a friends own blend of beans.
With that said: I’ve had my world tipped upside down with this coffee and it’s held a mirror up to what I thought was premium coffee. It set me up nicely for my busy morning ahead with zero jitters. Will be a repeat customer, especially at such a great price point.

BenLocal business owner