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At Conatum, we endeavour to provide you with coffee that is poised to hit all the marks. Roasted here in Scotland and shipped across the UK directly to your door, join hundreds of happy customers who get to enjoy Conatum as their first cup of the day.

We roast, grind and get small batch coffee ready just how you like and use our preferred mixture of Brazilian, Columbian, Ethiopian and Honduras Arabica beans to give you a unique taste that will have you rethinking why you ever considered a spoonful of instant in the morning.

Want to grind the beans yourself? No problem. Just grab yourself a bag of whole beans. Have a french press and want a fuss-free way to start the day? Our ground beans are ready and waiting. No matter how you prefer to prep your coffee, Conatum has you covered.

With subscription options to suit your coffee needs (the weekly option is very popular right now), and individual bags available when you need coffee in a hurry, get acquainted with a complex blend of beans that provides a balanced taste in every cup.

See what the customers say

“I can't recommend Conatum coffee enough! As soon as I tried these coffee beans I was hooked. Always have some before I train, switches me on so I am guaranteed a good session...”

CameronPersonal Trainer/ Martial Arts Coach

“If you're into your coffee then I'd say to hell with the instructions; take a double shot! The taste is worth it—dark, chocolatey and rich. I'm always up early and Conatum is the first step to waking up quickly and getting focused for a productive day ahead.”

ScottUX Designer

“Conatum coffee is an exciting roast, its well balanced flavour allows you to fully enjoy the blend of beans from all over the world while still giving you that much needed caffeine kick...”

MatthewThe Irish Cocktail Guy

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