Coffee Tips: How Long Will a 1KG Coffee Bag Last

A 1kg bag of coffee beans should last a good while, but the exact amount will depend on how much coffee you consume on a daily basis and how you take your coffee. 

While it is highly dependent on the individual, these are some solid numbers that we can work with based on how much coffee there is in a 1kg bag and how much coffee you should be consuming based on your lifestyle.

Here at Conatum, we make coffee for people who do, so we want to help our customers make the most out of their brew with a clear guide on how much coffee they need to smash their days. 

How Many Shots in a Kilo Bag?

There are roughly 140 shots of coffee in a 1kg bag, so that’s between 70 and 140 cups depending on how strong you like to take your coffee. 

While it is up to personal preference, it’s recommended that you don’t have more than a double shot in a single coffee. Caffeine can help you focus and give you a much-needed boost but like everything else, you can overdo it.

If you’re an early riser and need that kick in the morning, we would recommend a double-shot followed by a single shot – maybe two – when noon is approaching.

A shot of Conatum has about 65 milligrams of caffeine, so with a double shot and a couple of single shots over a day you would be consuming about 160 milligrams of caffeine.

That’s well inside the recommended 400 milligrams that an individual should consume inside a day for optimal health benefits.

So How Long Will It Last?

With that in mind, a 1kg bag of coffee beans will last roughly 4 and a half months if you’re having just 1 single shot a day single shot. If you are a solo single-shot coffee drinker you may be better off with a 250g bag.

For moderate coffee consumers who are keeping things inside the recommended limit, you’re looking at a month and a half to 2 months.

Also, keep in mind that that number will drop dramatically if you are sharing coffee with your partner or someone else who lives in your house.

How Many Shots do I need Before my Workout?

Our coffee has been designed and brewed specifically to fuel athletes at all levels thorough their workout. 

We don’t advise downing 5 shots right before your session, but a coffee before a workout can give you just the right amount of energy without having to consume all of the unhealthy processed sugars that are present in so many pre-workouts.

If you have an evening session, we suggest you have a double shot before 3 pm (any later and you may be affecting your sleep), that should give you enough time to properly digest your coffee and benefit from the caffeine boost while you are firing through your training. 

For the morning club, you may be better off with a single shot of coffee, as you may not have enough time to properly digest and break down the coffee. Also, go light on the milk before a morning workout. Afterwards, you can have a guilt-free double shot.

Get it right with Conatum

Based on your lifestyle, you can get just the right amount of coffee with a Conatum subscription. Live in a house full of coffee fiends? Get a monthly kilo bag, for those who just have a morning perk-up there are 250g subscription options.

You can get a bag a week, a bag every 2 weeks, or a bag every month with both whole beans and ground options, so no matter how much coffee you consume, you won’t find yourself running out with Conatum!