Coffee Subscriptions

Never run out of coffee again with our premium coffee subscription service. Roasted here in Scotland and shipped across the UK, our ethically sourced and expertly roasted beans are delivered right to your doorstep.

Choose from three convenient sizes to suit your caffeine cravings – 250g for a personal indulgence, 500g for the avid coffee enthusiast, and 1kg for the true connoisseur. Our commitment to quality extends beyond quantity, ensuring that each batch is a testament to the artistry of coffee craftsmanship.

Choose to receive your coffee weekly for a constant supply of freshness, opt for a fortnightly delivery to savour the anticipation, or indulge in a monthly shipment for a carefully measured treat. Our flexible subscription model adapts to your preferences, ensuring you never run out of your favourite brew.

Join our community of coffee enthusiasts and embark on a journey beyond the ordinary. With every subscription, you not only receive exceptional coffee but also support sustainable and ethical coffee-growing practices and support Reece McEwan in his MMA journey – all brought to you by our exclusive coffee subscription service.






Whole Bean



See what the customers say

“I can't recommend Conatum coffee enough! As soon as I tried these coffee beans I was hooked. Always have some before I train, switches me on so I am guaranteed a good session...”

CameronPersonal Trainer/ Martial Arts Coach

“If you're into your coffee then I'd say to hell with the instructions; take a double shot! The taste is worth it—dark, chocolatey and rich. I'm always up early and Conatum is the first step to waking up quickly and getting focused for a productive day ahead.”

ScottUX Designer

“Conatum coffee is an exciting roast, its well balanced flavour allows you to fully enjoy the blend of beans from all over the world while still giving you that much needed caffeine kick...”

MatthewThe Irish Cocktail Guy