Conatum Korean Style Spice Rub

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Try something a little different this dinner time. Supercharged with Gochugaru, cayenne and mustard this rub take you on a journey that will have you reaching for more

Sprinkle it over your favourite meal for a quick fix or let the flavours grow by using it as a marinade or coating your favourite veg or protein with it.

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Korean Style Rub 55g

Bring a spicy kick to your favourite meals with this Korean-inspired blend. It’s a knockout in curries or used as rub or mainrade on your favourite protein. If you want something with less fuss, sprinkle it on pizza or pasta for super charged flavour.

Ingredients: Gochugara, smoked paprika, salt, brown sugar, cumin, garlic granules, mustard powder, black pepper, cayenne pepper, sesame seeds.

Allergens: Mustard powder, Sesame seeds*

*All our rubs are created by hand and while every effort is made to avoid cross contamination it cannot be guaranteed.

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Set of 3, BBQ Steak Rub 60g, Pastrami Rub 55g, Chicken Rub 50g


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